No obstacles

Na fotografiji je ženska oseba, ki zre v svoj odsev in platno s portreti drugih ljudi.

Access must be adapted to disabled persons’ disabilities and abilities. In order to ensure that such adaptations are carried out, we want to make people aware of the needs of people with different types of disabilities and of the various technical solutions that can be used to create or adapt buildings, cultural productions, services and products, as well as access to information and all forms of communication. In this way, we approach the goal of universal accessibility.

Infrastructure, information, events, services and products must be accessible to everybody.


The fundamental principle of universal accessibility is improved efficiency for everybody. What this means is that persons with disabilities are not provided with special solutions and separate worlds; instead, existing buildings, products, services and events are adapted in such a way as to improve the experience of all users.





Insider strives for the removal of physical obstacles on public surfaces and for adaptations of institutions and buildings that are inaccessible to those with impaired mobility or senses. Organizing facilities and the environment in accordance with the principle of universal accessibility means that persons in wheelchairs, those with white canes, those with crutches, those accompanied by guide dogs or those using hearing aids should be able to freely navigate their environment and communicate with others in it.



Insider strives for the implementation of unobstructed access to information and for the establishment of various communication channels adapted to the needs of disabled persons, either through the use of technical aids or with the help of sign language interpreters or personal assistants. We pay special attention to awareness raising programmes for employees and assistants who should always do their best to make their programmes, content or products friendly and accessible to everybody.




Insider strives for the implementation of web accessibility, for greater awareness and a better understanding of the accessibility of the digital world, which is nowadays just as important as physical reality. The internet represents an important source of information to persons with disabilities and offers them opportunities for interaction and networking. Many accessibility issues faced by printed, audio and video media can be overcome using the internet. However, web content must be suitably organized and accessible.



Just like other people, persons with disabilities need knowledge and skills related to digital literacy and the use of technical aids that can assist them when they’re using computers, the internet or smart devices for carrying out everyday tasks. We provide computer classes to persons with different disabilities. We also carry out projects related to cultural management and to the adaptation of cultural production for persons with disabilities. Furthermore, we encourage persons with disabilities to engage in creative writing, read literature and expand their horizons.

At Insider, we do our best to design activities that help persons with disabilities become more involved in society and that lead to more independent lives. In order to achieve this, there must be no obstacles from the outset.